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Understanding about the holidays 2021

  Understanding about the holidays

 A general understanding of the holidays


 Leave demand

 After the leave, whatever the type of leave, the department should request the leave in the prescribed form. The leave of primary teachers is usually sanctioned by the education branch of the taluka or district panchayat.

 It is important to note here that the authority to deny leave is vested in the authority but does not have the right to change the type of leave. In short, the requested leave should be granted or denied. The leave is usually not denied if it is in balance.  In the public interest, the officer can take his own decision at his own discretion. Leave can also be denied in circumstances which affect the strength of the school.

 Under Rule-3, if an employee goes on leave after submitting a medical certificate from time to time, the attention of the Civil Surgeon \ Government Medical Officer may be drawn to give him sufficient leave for full recovery.

 In addition, if you intend to appear again to take advantage of the leave and demand leave again, such exemption cannot be given. (Rule-3)

 The beginning and end of the holiday;

 Leave is considered to be the beginning of the day from the day you leave the charge due to leave. Leave can be considered as enjoyment till the next day of attendance. Sunday and valid leave can be added before or after. But if the leave ends on working day then  Have to happen.  The employee has to be present and report to his / her officer. The signature of the teacher in charge of arranging his / her class during leave should also be taken.

 Cannot be present before the end of the leave. If he wants to be present, he can be present with the permission of the officer approving the leave.  Half pay leave can be granted if the officer gives permission. Deliberate absence from duty after completion of leave can be considered as misconduct for the purpose of BCS Rules 3. Therefore, if the leave is completed and more leave is required, the officer should be informed.  Can be reported.

 Certificate of health:

 Medical leave is required for sick leave. Register for primary teachers can be done if there is a certificate of medical practitioner. But if the officer approving the leave is in doubt, he can be asked to appear before the civil surgeon or medical officer for examination.  Cannot be present on duty except for medical certificate of attaining proper health if leave is sought for illness.

 Other types of leave can be combined with accrued leave. Casual leave (C.L.) No holiday can be combined.

 Types of holidays;

 Leave received:

 Primary teachers are not entitled to leave but are entitled to vacation leave due to English training classes, voter registration or election work due to new education policy training classes etc. and other administrative reasons when vacation is stopped.  Is credited and converted into cash at the time of retirement. If any operation is carried out during the vacation, a written order is required for it and as soon as the operation is certified, the right is credited to the leave account.  A maximum of 500 such holidays can be deposited.

 Half pay leave:

 This leave is available on the basis of the completed year of work of primary teachers. 50 half-paid leave of one year is taken. These leave are not canceled even if any amount is credited to the account. This leave can be enjoyed both on private basis and on medical certificate basis.

 Converted leave: (commuted leave)

 With this type of leave provision, the employee can get full pay leave instead of half pay leave. Double half pay leave is borrowed from the balance against the number of converted leave. This leave is obtained on the basis of doctor's certificate.

 Unpaid leave:

 This type of leave is payable when the leave is not in the employee's account.  This leave can only be given to a permanent employee. This leave is a kind of leave taken in advance. So this leave can be given only to the employee who is likely to return to duty and complete the borrowed leave.  Leave may be granted. This leave may be granted on the basis of medical certificate and for private work. Such leave may not be granted for more than 30 days during the whole job. Not more than 30 days and a total of 150 days for private work.  Can be given.

 Extraordinary holiday:

 Extraordinary leave is granted at the request of the employee when no leave is payable. This leave is not borrowed on account of leave, but is noted. During this leave, leave is not payable. In short, it can be considered as deductible leave.  Can be sanctioned in conjunction with any type of leave. This leave cannot be given for more than 6 months at a time.


 Primary teachers are considered as vacation employees. Such employees do not get leave, but if they are excluded from taking advantage of vacation, they are entitled to leave as per the revised leave rules.  Vacations can be paired with the front or back, but casual leave cannot be paired with a vacation. Vacation leave cannot be paired between two periods. Vacation and received leave cannot be combined for more than 150 days at a time.  Vacation, received leave and converted leave cannot be enjoyed simultaneously for more than 90 days. Holidays before and after vacation are considered as part of the vacation.

 Maternity leave;

 In case of maternity leave, 15 consecutive days leave is sanctioned. Those with less than 1 year of employment are not entitled to this leave. While those with more than 1 year of employment are entitled to pay equal to half year paid leave.  This benefit is not available to a female employee who has two or more surviving children on the date of maternity leave application.  This maternity leave is not credited to the account. In case of maternity leave and not on leave, the leave is considered to start from the date of delivery. Not after the vacation.

 Casual leave (casual leave);

 This leave is not valid if required, and is not subject to any rules. The purpose of casual leave is to cover the occasional absence of an employee for personal reasons. This leave cannot be linked to any other leave or time of attendance.

 Twelve casual holidays are available during the year.  And there is no problem in linking casual holiday with Sunday or before or after public holiday. Sunday or other public holidays associated with this holiday will not be counted as part of the holiday.  Approves. While the headmaster's K.Raja can approve the archai of the group school. K.Raja vacation cannot be approved in pairs. 1/2 K.Raja can also be enjoyed.

 K. Leave should not be given in proportion. The matter is left to the officer approving the leave.

 Discretionary leave;

 From the list of compulsory leave announced by the government, the employee can enjoy a maximum of two holidays as per his choice without any religious restriction. The assistant teacher can grant the compulsory leave at the school. This leave is not borrowed in the account.  Days can be enjoyed in pairs.

 Compensatory leave;

 Many mistakes are made in teachers for this leave. Leave for work done during vacation is entitlement (received leave). While on a valid public holiday other than vacation, if a non-gazetted employee has to attend office for government work, he cannot enjoy such valid public leave.  In return he gets compensation leave.

 This compensation leave can be granted only once at a time. If you attend for less than 2.5 hours or less but 3 hours, you will get 1/2 compensation leave.  For the attendance of not less than 1 hour, 1 compensation leave is given. This compensation leave is to be enjoyed in the calendar year.


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