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How to make good use of time?

How to make good use of time?

 It has been almost 40 years in business, I have spent most of my time in training and encouraging people, during this time I felt the need for much better techniques of control over time in order to grow continuously. Most of what I have taught over the years  I have not been able to experience growth and success without this part because of course, after the initial stages, when I know my business from small to big and small to big, then I have to continue my growth and  Felt the need to adopt the routine

 First of all in this year, I have a look at the time-honored picture of Ishwar Prabandhan. 

 I am talking about a very bad passage.  This is an open door policy, if you want to pass it, let me meet you because it is open.  Darwaja means that I have no work and I accept any of these meditations and go to Sri Andhar and put my problem in my bag because I have no work to pass.  A year ago, I did a little research on my name.  Explained that my policy is to open the door, but to ensure that the appointment is a part-time job.  On the other hand there was no pass and no face.

 My manager has developed some simple rules at this time. For the first time, the time limit for my normal appointment is 20 minutes. In that 20 minutes I can talk happily to any of my employees, regardless of their mind. Why did I make this rule?  Made I went to those appointments from the time I spent in the appointment. I used to give that the staff visiting me used to talk for 50 minutes, and when I used to see my pair, I had to worry about a lot of work on my head.  It used to be that he used to say that I really want to talk to you about my wife leaving me or my children are in crisis or my banker is threatening me. After that we used to live in crisis.

 As far as possible the convent for my 20 feet is usually one after the other. How does this time limit happen automatically. After 20 minutes, my Accident Accident throws the bell three times and interrupts the conversation.  I can take two or three minutes more time, but if necessary, she calls again, it may be a little pricey, but if I see the other side of it, then my assistant is 20 minutes enough from each employee when looking at the dog.  If necessary, she can also give more time. If an employee wants more time for an appointment, then he should have an agent. If he has an agent, he can take as much time as he wants. I can help my colleague many times.  I have spent a whole day in which the house buying staff is involved in the work of the staff, its arrangement work. They know that I am always there to help them, but if I want to talk to me for more than 20 minutes, they have to tell the agenda.

 Put your distress on me that the next rule to avoid the problem is that who is not given for the same day that it is the first of two things that I can plan my whole day and product, I can do it in my spare time.  I can also do any special work. Secondly it also prevents the employees from coming to me. In most of the cases, the employees run to the problem before they try to solve the problem, they come to meet the speech, but remember.  Keep this rule, I am not a slave. I have kept telling my assistant that if she realizes a big crisis from any eyes, then she can give 5 minutes of quick meeting time, then I get out of my office.  We evaluate the situation. We are not seated until I ask what the matter is. If I feel that my time is needed to resolve the matter, then we come together from it and many times I ask you.  I send the front person to meet or contact a more suitable person who can help him more here  The quick thing is that my assistant has a lot of freedom in this matter. I trust his control and if there is no crisis, then we let him pass.

 Mini how many years have learned some other practical policy of time control or even I can ask many times every day. What is the best use of my time at this time, this technique helps me to prioritize so that I focus on the most important things.  Keep focused and get annoyed by getting entangled in the immediate problems many times, as a result of this, I have to leave my office and do the duties of management, but if that is the most important job, then I tell him, besides that I can do every paper at once  I try to tell many times, it just means that I set the priority and keep the paper in the correct file for future reference. My advisor also does my postage and prepares a Friday file for me.  Does this Friday, which happens in the first, according to which I do not need to see first, but on Friday I can decide more whether I should read them or not.



 In the end, I want to tell you more important thing that the famous manager consultant Peter Drucker said that the work of the lowest paid person can always do that work, let Ram Sona control the time that the most important techniques that I have learned.  Not only can I focus on the most important positions in my job, but it is also a key part of my leadership development program. I can make people evaluate their key employees in a new job dream and give them more challenging jobs.  I do not teach people to work with it, but I want people to work for it


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