State Bank of India (SBI) Recruitment 2021 -22

   State Bank of India (SBI) Recruitment 2021  SBI 5237 Clerk Recruitment 2021   State Bank of India (SBI) Recruitment 2021  State Bank of India (SBI) published an advertisement for recruitment for below mentioned posts.Candidates are advised to carefully read the full advertisement for details of educational qualification and other eligibility criteria before submission of application, more detailed information regarding educational qualification,age limit selection procedure,how to apply last date for State Bank of India (SBI) Recruitment 2021 are mentioned below.Check more details in below given official notification.   State Bank Of India Recruitment 2021:  State Bank Of India (SBI) published an advertisement for 5237 Clerk (Junior Associate) Posts 2021, People who are interested in this SBI recruitment 2021 they are read more about this 5000 Clerk Junior Associate recruitment 2021 details below.  State Bank Of India 5237 Clerk Recruitment 2021:  SBI 5237 Clerk Recruitment 2021:  P

A once-in-a-lifetime video ..... a story based on a true story

A once-in-a-lifetime video ..... a story based on a true story



A once-in-a-lifetime video ..... a story based on a true story

Tribute to the creator of the video.

A balloon garden girl gives us a small message that even a small big happiness can come, but even with a small help, one's life can be changed to the ultimate happiness.

This is what Sharda teaches us

People donate five rupees and ten rupees and this Sharda put that situation aside and donated 150 rupees.

If you understand, please like ...

My son, who was sitting in a chair next to my bed in the hospital, when he found out about my heart operation He dropped all his work from abroad * * He sat next to me
Dad, Mom used to say outside the room Dhruvjibhai who works at our house is sitting outside your room from eight in the morning to eight at night ... and Ravjibhai with our iron at night from nine at night to seven in the morning ...

When I go home ... gardener, brother who comes to give a bottle of water, brother who comes to give a bag of milk ... brother with housekeeping .... everyone asks me..pintu brother you are not alone we are with you .. If there is any work. Say ... everyone has given their own. Mobile number to me and mom .. You have created a real team in my absence ...

Son who says the world is selfish .... change your look and behavior is all the right person at the right time ... gentle people don't forget.then why even if he is not a small person ...

Son ... I made a principle in life ... People in need move right in front of our eyes .... then whether it is a family member or in our daily life it helps us in any way that Then have a friend. *
I would rather help such a person directly instead of donating to a temple ashram or an organization..even without expecting compensation from anyone .... *
* Many people give 100 rupees and get 200 jobs .. *
* Back in the village, Fare himself helped with 100 rupees *
* Never seek the help of such a perverted person ... *

We were talking ..... there with coat pants and bag .... a person came in .. I said hey little ... where have you been all these years? *

* I felt small on my feet .... *
* Tell me, Samir Bhai, how often do you feel about changing the time ... If you hadn't helped me at the right time, I would have hung a photo on the wall ...

* But where were you ...? *

* Rakeshbhai, that day I left my family in the village at night and with the 25000 you gave me I fled to the Gulf country to make a fortune ... After working as a black laborer for five years, today I have become a big contractor there. *

* This is my youngest son Pintu ... who came here from USA after hearing the news of my health ..

* Rakeshbhai, I also went to your house, my sister-in-law talked about it, so I ran and came here .. this bag is yours ... *

* What's in the Pintu Bolyo bag? *

* Rakeshbhai. Return with your 25000 rupees interest ... This is in the bag *

* If I forgot that rupee .... so take this bag back *


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