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What is Hearts of Iron IV Terrible Performance

The grand strategy genre is dominated by one name: Paradox. Creators of the newly released Stellaris, the Europa Universalis series and the Crusader Kings games they have established a dedicated following. They also create and publish the Hearts of Iron franchise which takes Paradox’s now well established formula and slaps it into World War II. Now onto its fourth game Paradox have put considerable effort into making this the most accessible title yet without losing any of the depth that fans have come to expect from the company. So what better time for somebody who has never played Hearts of Iron to step forward and try to lead a nation to victory? As a relative Paradox noob I reached out to the company and asked if they were interested in having the game reviewed by somebody who wasn’t familiar with their mechanics nor their famously convoluted interfaces. With my lack of experience surely this would be a perfect test to see whether Hearts of Iron IV is a little easier to get to grips with? So, if you’re looking for an in-depth article talking about the changes that Paradox have implemented since Hearts of Iron III look elsewhere – I’m sure there will be plenty of awesome guys and gals out there who can tackle that subject with skill, especially on the forums.

Taking place from 1936 or 1939 onwards (the choice is yours) Hearts of Iron 4 puts you in control of a nation of your choosing, letting you guide it through the relatively gentle years before becoming embroiled in World War 2. This quiet period lets you begin constructing the basic infrastructure needed to develop a country and prepare for all out war. Political alliances will be formed, battle plans drawn up, laws changed and research undertaken to further your capabilities. With the historical focus option on the AI will attempt to follow the path of history to the best of their abilities, while you are free to try to change it as you see fit. Want to lead the Soviet Union on a stampede across the world? Can do. Want to take America and form an unholy alliance with Germany? Yup. Ostensibly the goal is to end the game with as high a score as possible, but really this is a sandbox game where you set your own goals, be it trying to hold off the German offensive as Poland or leading China on the warpath. You pick an objective, fire up a campaign and set to it.

The game demands that you think of just about everything. Let’s take a naval invasion of Japan, for example. First you need to sort out the divisions you’ll be sending over, so infantry must be trained, perhaps in the form of marines who are more adept at gaining a foothold when storming out of landing craft. Infantry require equipment, though, so under the production tab factories must be assigned to crafting weapons and support gear for troops, otherwise they’ll have to be deployed to the field with old weapons or nothing at all which obviously hugely reduces their combat abilities. If you want your troops to take artillery, medical supplies or anti-tank weapons then those too will need to be produced in large enough quantity. If armored divisions are to be sent on the invasion then tanks will need to be constructed, too, while crews are trained alongside regular infantry divisions, which takes up more manpower.

You’ll also need to carefully consider exactly where you’re going to be landing troops because they’ll need to be reinforced and resupplied, so it’s a good idea to assault a city or naval port since that helps hugely. Without supply lines or without enough production to feed armies with the equipment they need in the field you’ll incur substantial penalties and will likely be decimated by the enemy force fighting in their own territory where supply lines are strong. But the fun doesn’t end there because a naval invasion requires you to have naval superiority in every sector of the sea you intend on crossing, so naval yards will have to be assigned to building destroyers, subs and battleships that can be sent out. You’ll also need to consider air support for the landing troops, so close support aircraft will need to be built along with fighters that can hold off the enemy airforce, so that’s more factories which need to be alloted.

To field those aircraft requires either an airfield that’s close enough to the front lines for your planes to make the journey, perhaps one you’ve captured from the enemy, or you’ll need to begin work on carriers that can sit off the coast. It’s a lot to manage, but that isn’t the end of things. Chances are you’ll wind up short on resources so trading with other nations will be vital, something which means you have to give up some of your civilian factories and convoys for. On top of that you’ll need to protect your convoys or the enemy can begin attacking them, crippling your military production capabilities. Furthermore pumping out things for one offensive could leave you struggling on another front if you aren’t careful.


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